Jeremy Lore

Position title: PhD Alumni


Jeremy’s focus area, during his time at HSX, was stellarator transport, specifically the measurement and modeling of transport at HSX. Jeremy currently developed the PENTA code with Don Spong from ORNL, which calculates neoclassical transport quantities in stellarators or tokamaks while conserving parallel momentum. Neoclassical calculations predict a large “electron root” radial electric field (Er) in the core of HSX plasmas, with strong radial shear. The neoclassical simulations, coupled with turbulent transport calculations performed by Walter Guttenfelder have been successful in simulating the strongly peaked electron temperature profiles measured during ECR heating. The predicted electric fields and in-surface flows will be compared to ChERS measurements in the near future.

In 2006 Jeremy implemented a displacement sensor system on HSX and performed structural modeling and testing to ensure safe operation at B=1T. Jeremy also performed analysis of data from the Thomson scattering diagnostic.

Jeremy received his PhD (link to article) in the Spring of 2010, and began work at the Oak Ridge National Lab.