HSX Device Parameters

Major Radius (machine center to Plasma center – avg.): 1.20 meters
Average Plasma Minor Radius: 0.15 meters
Aspect Ratio (Major Radius/Plasma Radius): 8
Plasma Volume: 0.44 cubic meters
Number of Field Periods (symmetry around torus): 4
Rotational Transform (magnetic field torsion):
On Axis:
At the Edge:
Magnetic Well Depth: 0.6%
Number of coils/Field Period: 12
Average Coil Radius: ~0.30 meters
Number of Conductor Turns / Coil: 14
Coil Current 13.4 kiloAmperes
Magnetic Field Strength (maximum): 1.25 Tesla
Magnet Pulse Length (full field): 0.2 seconds
Auxiliary Coils /period: 12


Current Parameters with 28 GHz ECH:

Heating Power (ECRH): 100 kiloWatts x 2 gyrotrons
Power Density: 0.46 W/cubic centimeter
Electron Density Cutoff: 1×1013 /cubic centimeter
Central Electron Temperature: ~2000-2500 electronVolts (1eV~11600° Celsius)
Electron Confinement Time: 2 milliseconds
Peak Plasma Pressure: 0.3%
Normalized Electron Collision Frequency: 0.1