Scientists & Staff

David T. Anderson

Principal Investigator, Founder

David Anderson is the Jim and Anne Sorden Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Principal Investigator for the HSX Program. He has been associated with HSX since its initial design activities in 1990, and teaches in the areas of electrodynamics and plasma physics.

Benedikt Geiger


Benedikt Geiger started his career at UW-Madison in February 2019 and is involved in the physics exploitation of the HSX stellarator experiment. His research interests are the experimental investigation of turbulent particle and heat transport with the aim to develop new turbulence-optimized stellarator experiments. He teaches in the field of nuclear engineering and plasma physics.

Santhosh Kumar


Santhosh received his PhD in Physics from the Australian National University in 2008. After receiving his PhD, he came to UW-Madison as a Research Associate in the Department of Physics. Since joining HSX in 2012, Santhosh has been involved with reasearching experimental plasma physics, flows and electric fields, neoclassical modeling of stellarators, impurity transport, plasma spectroscopy, and diagnostic development.

Aaron Bader


Aaron received his PhD from MIT in 2011.  Since joining HSX in 2012, Aaron has been involved in computational research of interest to stellarators. His topics of interest include, edge plasma physics, coil design, energetic particle confinement and stellarator optimization.

Evan Scott

Research Associate

Evan is a postdoctoral researcher specializing in laser-based diagnostics and plasma transport studies.  He received his PhD from the University of California–Davis in 2017, and has worked with diagnostics on the National Spherical Torus Experiment–Upgrade spherical tokamak in Princeton, New Jersey; the Wendelstein W-X stellarator in Greifswald, Germany; and the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak in Garching, Germany.  He is currently working with the HSX Thomson scattering diagnostic and plasma transport studies using the ASTRA code.

Paul Willis

Associate Instrumentation Technologist

Paul Willis began work at HSX in September 2019.  He maintains and upgrades the HSX Data AcQuisition system.  He previously worked at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory for seven years, where he developed test automation for high speed electrical interfaces while completing his MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Syed Mahmood

Associate Instrumentation Technologist

Syed joined HSX in the spring of 2020. He is an electrical engineer with several years of experience in developing industrial control systems for applications ranging from food processing to printing. Syed is primarily working on motor-generator upgrade and associated control system for magnetic confinement of plasma at HSX.

Kyle Roethle

Mechanical Instrumentation Specialist