Graduate Students

Jason Smoniewski

PhD Student

Jason has studied edge flows and field structure with a Gundestrup probe, the monoenergetic approximation in neoclassical transport calculations, neoclassical viscosity with a bias probe, and calculations of neoclassical impurity transport at HSX. Jason’s thesis compares turbulent transport in the quasi-helical symmetry and broken symmetry configurations of HSX in both experiment and simulation using the GENE code, power balance calculations, and reflectometry measurements.

Fernando Castillo

PhD Student

Fernando is continuing the work into impurity injection into HSX using the YAG laser blow off equipment. Previous stellarator impurity injection experiments in other devices have seen discrepancies in impurity flows and accumulations as predicted by neoclassical models, and seen in other non-stellarator devices.

Ian Mckinney

PhD Student

Ian has been a graduate student with the HSX group since the fall of 2016. He studies drift-wave turbulence in 3-D magnetic equilibria using both gyrokinetic code GENE and reduced fluid models. Ian has recently published some of his research pertaining to ion-temperature-gradient-driven turbulence in HSX and NCSX (see:

Alexander Thornton

PhD Student

Alex has been a graduate student with HSX since 2017. He studies RF heating, beam heating, energetic particle confinement, and wall conditioning systems. He is currently working on an upgrade to the ECRH system that will allow HSX to operate at higher densities.

Luquant Singh

Undergraduate Student

Luquant has conducted research at HSX as an undergraduate since 2017 and will be joining the lab as a graduate student in the Fall of 2020. His current research focuses on improvements to modular coil designs for future stellarators.