Reduction of Neoclassical Transport and Observation of a Fast Electron Driven Instability with Quasisymmetry in HSX

J. M. Canik, D. T. Anderson, F. S. B. Anderson, A. F. Almagri, W. Guttenfelder, K. M. Likin, H. J. Lu, S. Oh, J. N. Talmadge
HSX Plasma Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
D. L. Brower, C. Deng
University of California at Los Angeles, USA
D. A. Spong
Oak Ridge National Lab, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

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File: Reduction-of-Neoclassical-Transport-and-Observation-of-a-Fast-Electron-Driven-Instability-with-Quasisymmetry-in-HSX.pdf